Terrorist Attack in kabul and nangarhar, Afghanistan

Tuesday , May 12 ,2020


Global Watch Group’s Statement on Today’s Terrorist Attack in the Maternity Ward of a Hospital in Kabul and a Funeral in Nangarhar, Afghanistan

Global Watch Group condemns, in the strongest terms, today’s cowardly, inhumane and un-Islamic attacks on a civilian maternity hospital in Kabul, and 

In a funeral gathering in Nangarhar province.

We are appalled that at this time of COVID-19 global public health crisis that doctors and nurses are in the front line fighting the disease at a great personal risk, coward groups like ISIS and Taliban target hospitals to kill and maim the healthcare workers, the sick and the vulnerable. Today’s heinous act of violence was the job of weak, faithless, conscious-less and heartless villains.  The attacked killed many innocent civilians including newborn babies, exhausted post delivery mothers, and several nurses at the last day of international nurses week. 

Global Watch Group urges the Afghan Government to do more to provide security and protection to civilians, especially in places where people are prone to attacks and where men and women provide life saving services to Afghan public.

We also call upon the international community to make sure that perpetrators of these gross human rights violations and killings are held responsible and brought to the international criminal court for the charge of crime against humanity.

Global Watch Group express its deepest condolences to the families of the victims in this attack.