Cultural and Religious Advisor

Sayed Hassan Akhlaq

Sayed Hassan Akhlaq teaches philosophy at Coppin State University and Islam at Northern

Virginia Community College. He is both a philosopher and religious scholar, involved in

dialogue among civilizations, inter and intra faith studies, and local modernizations. For the past

decade he wrote books, academic papers, and published a great numbers of Op-Eds on

Huffington Post, Open Democracy, BBC Persian, and Islamicity websites.

Dr. Akhlaq worked as a research fellow at Boston University (2017-2018), Princeton University

(2017), George Washington University (2013-2016), and The Catholic University of America

(2012-2017). His major publication in English “The Secular and the Sacred: Complementary

and/or Conflictual?” was co-edited by John Hogan and published by the Council for Research in

Values and Philosophy (2017).Dr. Akhlaq worked as the chancellor of Gharjistan University, branch of Farah-Afghanistan in 2011; he acted as an academic advisor of Afghanistan Academy of Sciences in 2010; Akhlaq also is affiliated with American Academy of Religion, American Philosophical Association,American Association of University Professors, American Councils for the Study of IslamicSocieties, and Center for the Study of Islam and the Middle East.